LGM Services

Little Gems Montessori School offers a wide range of services that ensure quality and excellence for your child to be empowered with intellectual curiosity and physical strength. LGM, unlike other private schools, was established with a vision to offer genuine, non-conventional care to children at our facility. Here, we offer the following for our children.
Our Faculty

For achieving the best results, we have hired teachers among the best lot who look after your children with their expertise and experience in engaging their meaningful pedagogy in classrooms. Our faculty consists of six teachers, having degrees ranging from MA, MBA and M.Phil. Besides having good academic qualifications, they have also gained important professional trainings on the following which make them fit for serving our chidren:

  1. Orientation
  2. Jolly Phonics
  3. Early Years Education- Philosophy and Importance
  4. Lesson Planning
  5. Classroom/ Behavioural Management
Exclusive cNc School Insurance

With an aim to impart to children an understanding of the value of saving, LGM has recently introduced a unique school insurance programme in coordination with Adamjee Insurance Company which offered through the exclusive services of cNc (Consultants and Counselors). This is a value added programme for the school where both students and their parents benefit directly in:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Death and disability coverage
  3. Cash return on term maturity
Teaching behaviors & mannerisms

LGM is unique is engaging its staff and children in productive activities that nurture in them an interest for learning new things and also help them in developing  positive behaviors and mannerisms at the pace of children’s ability to socially comprehend and respond to various settings. Our facility grooms children in the following:


  1. Ways to greet each other and exchange pleasantries
  2. Inculcation of  the values of respect, politeness and curtsey for others.
  3. Teaching eating mannerisms
Day-Care facility

To assist working mothers in taking care of their children while they’re away, LGM offers daycare services for the community in its well equipped facility that includes a play area, swings, toys and small cars and other creative games for toddlers. LGM has hired a fulltime professional Governess who not only looks after children under her care, but also engages them in creative thinking and sports activities.

Our Curriculum

LGM has assigned  the following carefully selected curriculum:

  1. Montessori Method: Montessori Method adopts an integrated approach towards engaging children in activities such as sound identification, and help stimulate a child’s sensitivities to the environment. This method is designed to encourage their curiosity and self-discovery which they learn at their own pace.
  2. Jolly Learning Program UK: This curriculum is based on fun and easy activities where children learn Phonics, Grammar and Music. It is helpful in enriching child’s responsiveness through various interactive games and books that orient them on basic literacy, maths and music skills.
  3. UK National Foundation Stage: This is the most important syllabus adopted by LGM for children up to primary classes. For the best learning approaches to be applied on students, this course primarily provides a detailed framework for teachers to follow a set of common principles and commitments to deliver to children. Unlike in other few schools in Lahore, this course is adapted in full by LGM and has been giving out promising results for both the faculty and the parents.


To find out more details about this programme, please contact school administration for an appointment with a school counselor.

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